Ekbern, Grandfather of Bladen

Although the great elf's Body is long buried, his spirit stays with Bladen and helps him throughout his journeys.


The great elf now acts as a scout for his grandson, slipping through enemy lines to spy on them before returning to discuss battle plans with him. A master tactician, he once brought down an entire army of orcs by timing a lightning strike perfectly.


Ekbern was a pure magic elf, through and through. He wielded mostly Lightning-styled magic, raining down bolts of thunder on enemies. He was enlisted in the elves’s siege of Assagiald, the human stronghold in the Forested-lands. After the siege, he enlisted himself as a guardian of the high elfen tower.When the tower was under attack, he refused to back down, showering lightning storm after lightning storm on the attackers until he died from exhaustion, a true hero.

Ekbern, Grandfather of Bladen

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