A maker of forbidden and unusual stuff with very bad designs.


Neither the Owh clan nor the Wan clan wants him.
famous quotes “so what if it turned your wheelbarrow into a cloud? It works, doesn’t it? Oh wait, no it doesn-”


Fibjirop used to be an neophyte artificer at the Guild of Artificers in Amgil-Noqunoqil, city of thieves, assasins and really unlucky people really nice people. He was expelled after he built an indestructible lock around the chief artificer’s cookie jar. He then went to be a wizard in the Wiokev Disacem but was caught in an magical anomaly caused by the Division of Relatively Advanced Thaumaturgics. He dissapeard for 37 seconds, and came back with a the ability to bend reality. He can, however, only use this ability when building forbidden and unusual stuff with very bad designs. He has sinced made many people really unhappy.

Whereabouts: No one wants to find him, but it is observed that when there are shouts of “wtf? I want a refund!” he is somewhere nearby


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