Grundus, Orc chieftian.

"Me MAD? U NO ONE SEE ME MADE! ME SMASH! .....................Sorry table."


Grundus is nothing short of a tactician. And a barbarian. Maybe both. No matter how uneducated he may seem, he is in fact one of the best warriors ever to walk this very planet. With Dumor, his god-slaying hammer, he will not back down to any challenge. His most famous time was possibly when he slayed Eterthane, Demi-god of Volcanoes, by ripping him in half.


Grundus was forced to train as a soldier since young, growing up in a tribe where war was the way everything was solved. After being exiled at the age of 12 for killing a fellow orc during a skirmish, he went to train under a man who would later be better known…

Grundus, Orc chieftian.

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