The main assassin of clan Owh, a human ranger who sprints silently, leaving his opponents wondering when he will strike next.


Ignithorn, having underwent training, is a fully qualified assassin-ranger. His short dagger-blades are deadly without poison and even more murderous with. His handcrafted bow, which he hand-crafted and christened “Bow of the Crows”, shoots at an amazing range. Combined with his skill and the blessing of “Pelor the mighty”, this half-elf is unstoppable, whether at close range combat or long-ranged combat.


Ignithorn was originally sent to the church to train to be a paladin. However, when the church was attacked by hooded rogues, he found their skills effective. Thus, he followed them secretly stalking them in the treetops, learning all their best finishing moves. There, he learned and formulated his own poisons to use while copying and learning the rogues moves from a safe distance. Then, when he felt he had enough and had learned, he leapt from the trees he had been in, slayed all his opponents before joining the battle.


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