Ethyas, Lightning-infused staff of the moonlit sun

This Staff crackles with magical energy, giving prior warning to anyone who dares cross it's master's path


This staff has a flesh memory of Bladen, who has allowed to reach it’s full magical potential. Therefore, it responds only to Bladen’s mental commands and will not be easily swayed, unlike store-bought staffs. This staff channels energy into it’s holder, healing him while supercharging his attacks at the same time. This staff also shares a mental link with Bladen, scouting out all enemies on the battlefield for him. The staff is, even without any magic to draw on, able to release a lightning surge of 79-by-79 meters, reducing all in the zone to ash


This staff was handcrafted by Bladen’s grandfather, who was a wizard of the high tower. The staff serves as a vessel for his spirit, where he can communicate with his grandson after an intel-gathering flight to the opponents. The staff itself has a shard of the obsidian diamond on which the elf community gained its strength from at the high tower, before the tower was shattered by the marauding tieflings.

Ethyas, Lightning-infused staff of the moonlit sun

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