Morajin, Flaming sword of the holy paladins

This weapons serves as a mainly melee weapon, however it has a darker side. It's flames burn anyone besides it's rightful wielder and burns brighter and hotter with each opponent death


This sword burns brightly, ripping through all flesh and material that the wielder orders it to. It cleaves well, surprisingly light, yet sharp and deadly. The range of this sword,with it’s burning flame, can extend to 3 metres long, effectively igniting all enemies in range or slicing them neatly in half.


Morajin was originally forged by Jakur, the tiefling paladin of the raven queen, with help of the Raven queen herself. It was soulbound to him until the day he betrayed her, joining his tiefling kind to wage war on the humans. When Jakur eventually met his match, Bladen, the sword automatically
swore allegiance to it’s new master. To this day, the sword has traveled with this elf for 2 years, burning brighter with each honourable kill

Morajin, Flaming sword of the holy paladins

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