• 13.C.


    Little is known. But that's what you get in this world where people spend more time trying to survive than breathing. That's probably why they have so much difficulty in surviving. All that has been found is this mysterious quote "13C it Je it Vgevakjeq"
  • Bladen


    The elf leader of Clan Owh
  • Ekbern, Grandfather of Bladen

    Ekbern, Grandfather of Bladen

    Although the great elf's Body is long buried, his spirit stays with Bladen and helps him throughout his journeys.
  • Fibjirop


    A maker of forbidden and unusual stuff with very bad designs.
  • Grundus, Orc chieftian.

    Grundus, Orc chieftian.

    "Me MAD? U NO ONE SEE ME MADE! ME SMASH! .....................Sorry table."
  • Ignithorn


    The main assassin of clan Owh, a human ranger who sprints silently, leaving his opponents wondering when he will strike next.
  • Kittyhawk


    Optimistic fighter with great speed and stamina
  • Owvy


    A Owh vendor for all your needs
  • The Archer

    The Archer

    Slightly less cannon-fodderish then the foot soldier and flag bearer. But still cannon-fodder
  • The Flag-bearer

    The Flag-bearer

    Farmer who takes the flag and runs around. Also one of the first to die.
  • The foot-soldier

    The foot-soldier

    Simple cannon fodder. Makes up the bulk of the army
  • Wannings


    A Wan vendor for all your needs